Food Connex Helps Small Local Fish Market with a HUGE Reputation Deliver Profits.

Established in 2013, and located in the heart of Brooklyn, Puerto Plata Seafood operates a busy wholesale operation, providing crab legs, shrimp, salmon, lobster and other fresh seafood to many white-linen restaurants and other retail establishments in the area.

The company also has a successful retail seafood market offering a wide variety of fresh local and imported seafood and its signature, homemade ceviche. Open 24/7, and offering delivery or pickup, the market always seems to sport a long, but enthusiastic line outside.

Puerto Plata Landing Page Image1Customers select their favorite seafood from a large refrigerator, place it on a metal tray and hand it to a staff member who then weighs the seafood, bags it and marks the price. Puerto Plata skilled chefs can steam, fry or broil the selections and customers can choose any additional delicious sides such as calamari, mashed potatoes, rice as their meal is prepared.

The Challenge: Inaccurate Inventory Picks and Shipment Errors

Puerto Plata’s wholesale business can be extremely hectic at times and mis-picks can occur as trucks are loaded and sent out often on very short notice.

The company had found that their manual, entirely paper-based method of purchasing product at the fish market and picking inventory from the cooler was leading to discrepancies in inventory counts and wrong customer shipments. Often, a different or more expensive product would ship to a customer, other times a less expensive product. Either way, the company was often unsure of their actual costs and margins.

“We needed a more efficient system to keep track of our inventory and also our loss and profit,” said Soribel Paulino of Puerto Plata. “After seeing how easily we could transition to Food Connex, we knew we had found a great solution.” In addition, without the ability to accurately track product, they were not able to easily identify who had purchased product. The company knew it had to get better control of its inventory.

The Solution: Food Connex Order Entry and Inventory Control Software

Puerto Plata Landing Page Image2Puerto Plata was already using QuickBooks accounting software in both its retail and wholesale operations, so it made sense to find a solution that would simply integrate with this data. “Food Connex was highly recommended to us by a good friend of ours because of its efficiency to help organize our inventory; we were in much need of a higher quality system,” Paulino said.

Food Connex is cloud-based software for food distributors looking to improve gain more control over their business, improve productivity and increase profits. Its easy order entry and inventory management tools improve sales, order taking, fulfillment, pricing, invoicing, purchasing, production and reporting — and helps reduce costly mistakes.

Item Codes for Everything in the Warehouse

The Food Connex team immediately set about advising Puerto Plata regarding assigning item codes to each inventory item and then worked closely with Puerto Plata’s team to sort the inventory into logical groupings simplify monitoring and tracking. With Food Connex Cloud, only orders and inventory transfers that reference a specific item code are processed. Puerto Plate can view on a single, easy-to-read screen, real-time information about every item in multiple freezer and warehouse locations, along with information about each customer who took delivery of product. With Food Connex, changes to orders and inventory are immediate so everyone is on the same page.

Paulino add, “As a growing company, we needed to organize our inventory to know exactly what we have in stock and what we don’t have in stock to better attend to our customers. With Food Connex we’re able to do just that and with its efficiency it helped and is still helping us work better and faster. We would definitely recommend this system to anyone.”

As a cloud-based software, Food Connex can be deployed fast and there no expensive servers to install or custom programing fees. From start to finish, even as two new warehouses were being brought online, Puerto Plata was taking orders, tracking product through the facility and managing inventory — accurately — with Food Connex in less than 90 days.

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