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Jeff Mizarek of Canal Fulton Provisions, Inc.

Jeff owns and operates Canal Fulton Provisions, a provider of meat, provisions and custom butchering services.  The business has been operating since 1969, and since 2005 Canal Fulton has been a user of Food Connex. 

In 2013 Jeff lead Canal Fulton Provisions through a major overhaul, adding touchscreen labeling and integrated scales to cutting and shipping process.  We visited Jeff two years later to look back at the impact his had on his company.    One question we had for Jeff was:  At a very high level, what has bringing in the touchscreens, scales and labeling automation done for the company?

“When were talking about bringing the automation in we were going through a hard time, business wise and financially.  I went to my father and said ‘We have to restructure, and I think to restructure we’ve got to go inside the plant.  I think we should take this process:  Go with Paul, get the automation in here, and get rid of the human mistakes being made every day that has been hurting our company.’

We’ve done that, we’ve done that for two years.  It is the best thing that has ever happened to the company.”

The Way Things Were

Prior to the automation Jeff was relying on users hand-writing weights onto order pads that were tallied and given to another person for invoicing.  We asked Jeff to tell us a little bit about how things were operating when the catch weights were being recorded and calculated manually.

“There was no way to really check the weight, we just trusted the employees were writing the right weights on the pad.  If we wanted to go and check the weights or add them up again we’d manually go look at the order and add them up.”

We asked if he found any errors when he did go check manually by recounting and recalculating the weights pulled for orders by hand.

“Yes, constantly.  Everyday, it is human input and there are human mistakes and it happened everyday.”

The Way Things Are

Jeff has automated catch weight capture by integrating his scales through a touchscreen interface to generate labels satisfy his product labeling requirements, provide traceability, ensure picking accuracy, and automate catch weight capture.  Take a look at the video to see the bar code generation in action.

The Results

Clear and Legible Labeling:

“We haven’t used a pen, pencil or a magic marker to mark a box or an order.  The customers understand what is in the box, note the cleanliness of the label describing the product that is in there.”

Elimination of Picking Errors:

“We are 100%, no miss-pulls.  No miss-picked product at all.”

Production Capabilities:

“We have so much more room to grow, because we are streamlining everything through here faster and quicker and without mistakes.”

Confidence in Quality:

“I can leave the plant and I don’t have to worry about it.”

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