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Adam represents the fourth generation of the Cichocki family, owners and operators of Camellia Foods. They have been manufacturing and distributing quality meats in Buffalo NY since 1935, producing over 50 products including Traditional Hams, Award-Winning Polish Sausage, and several smoked meat products. Taste the Tradition.

Adam recently headed up the effort to implement Food Connex and QuickBooks as the order, inventory, and accounting solution for their food business.

Surprisingly Easy to Switch

“We were using an old program designed by a local company, it was basically DOS, and it seemed like an overwhelming task to get everything out of there and into a new system. Once I started with Food Connex I was surprised how easy it was to get the data I needed into the system, so we could start working. As soon as I did I stopped having to spend time every day answering questions and internally supporting the old system.”

User Friendly and Efficient

“The old system took a lot of complicated steps to accomplish even a simple task. Food Connex is much more straightforward. After a couple of weeks our order entry team was up to speed and being alerted to data entry errors that would normally have slipped past and hopefully be caught by the drivers. We’re looking forward to picking up additional speed by implementing barcode scanning.”

The Industry Standards

“QuickBooks is the industry standard for accounting, which is saving us time and money when working with our accounting team. Food Connex allowed us to gain the benefit of QuickBooks accounting while meeting the standards we require in the food industry. This puts the financial data at the fingertips of our accountant and the inventory and pricing information at the fingertips of our order and sales team.”

An Affordable Upgrade

“The subscription to Food Connex is about the same as we were paying to maintain the old system. So, for no real cost we have improved our company from order entry and pricing through inventory control and invoicing all the way to accounting and finance.”

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Food Connex® is cloud-based software for food distributors and processors looking to improve their productivity and profitability. Food Connex helps streamline workflow, improve customer service, and reduce costly mistakes. Its easy QuickBooks integration and Order & Inventory Management tools can improve sales, order taking, fulfillment, pricing, invoicing, purchasing, production, traceability and reporting.

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