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Learn How Food Connex Is Revolutionizing The Food Industry

    The new labels provide full product detail, customer information and weights captured right from the scale.

    "The new printed labels provide full product detail, customer information and weights captured right from the scale giving the packaging a more professional look compared to the old hand-written style for product type."

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    We have so much more room to grow because we are streamling everything. Moving product through here quicker and without mistakes.

    "It is the best thing that has ever happened to the company!  We've been with Food Connext for two years.  The automation allowed us to reduce the human mistakes that had previously been hurting our company.”

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    Food Connex Cloud is easy to use. Everyone from our sales people to our employees in the warehouse and production are able to use the system.

    "Everyone from our salespeople in the field to our employees in the warehouse and production are able to understand and use the system.  The inventory is updated automatically keeping salespeople up to date with access anywhere with an internet connection." 

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    Food Connex makes sure the right product, with the right spec, goes to the right customer. We see more order accuracy and less waste

    P & G Trading Company has been a Food Connex Enterprise user for over 20 years.

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    Food Connex allowed us to gain the benefit of Quickbooks accounting while meeting the standards we require in the food industry.

    “Once I started with Food Connex I was surprised how easy it was to get the data I needed into the system, so we could start working. As soon as I did I stopped having to spend time every day answering questions and internally supporting the old system.”

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    I can see what happened with any process, and where the products went immediately

    "Our solution for traceability needed to have one way to work that everyone could stick to every time.  I wanted to get rid of all the paper and be able to see what was sent where immediately."

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    Food Connex works the way we do business. We saw an immediate increase in accuracy taking orders.

    "It's really helped out with the pricing, now as we receive inventory the profitability and pricing is can be quickly updated based on the new costs.  This allows me to remain competitive in one of the hardest markets in the country."

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    Food Connex is one of the best systems available for the meat industry. It saves us 45 minutes per pallet.

    “I consider Food Connex to be one of the best systems available for the meat industry.  It gives me the information I need to schedule production without the complexity of some of the larger systems, while taking care of our distribution and shipping.”

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Since implementing Food Connex we've grown our business at a steady rate of 10% each year. The efficiencies gained have allowed us to handle a 95% increase in business with only a 20% increase in staffing.
Inventory and Order Visibility
Unlocked Growth Potential
Insight Into Profitability and Pricing
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Food Connex® is cloud-based software for food distributors and processors looking to improve their productivity and profitability. Food Connex helps streamline workflow, improve customer service, and reduce costly mistakes. Its easy QuickBooks integration and Order & Inventory Management tools can improve sales, order taking, fulfillment, pricing, invoicing, purchasing, production, traceability and reporting.

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