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Responding quickly to a food safety issue requires the ability to track product from receipt to final customer shipment.

The Essential Role of Lot Control

Food Connex uses basic lot tracking, an inventory method of identifying specific product, to document its movement throughout the inventory and production process. Tracking the history of a lot can be as simple as receiving a lot into inventory and then selling and shipping that entire lot to a single customer.

Beef and BarcodeLot control and traceability becomes more complicated when doing recipe-based, value-added processing, for example, when a product is received into inventory, cut into portions and the portions are later combined with other ingredients to manufacture a finished product.

Food Connex assigns unique lot numbers for items that go through multiple production processes while maintaining a record of the original lot number. Additionally, the software documents all added ingredients, each with its own unique lot number and any number of lot attributes that help to further pinpoint the product.

Traceability to the Original PO

Food Connex makes it easy to trace an item from a customer invoice back to its original purchase order. Specially designed user screens let you quickly view all of the information from an original PO to identify the specific production processes the item has undergone, along with a complete accounting of where the finished product has been sold or stored.

Food Connex’s item-specific lot attributes make it easy to:

  • provide product identification that includes the origin (producer and country), date of production or packing, internal and external lot numbers, vendor information and other key identifiers
  • maintain a complete record of in-process material or final product and packaging throughout the production process
  • maintain a record of purchaser and delivery destination

Confirm Readiness with Mock Recalls

This capability allows processors to perform mock recalls to confirm their ability to trace a specific lot all the way back to the original purchase order. Food Connex provides real-time access to information about the vendor that the product was acquired from as well as customer or customers to whom it was sent.


Food Connex Lot Control User Interface
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