Shipping from Production

Food Connex Automated Order Fulfillment allows users to ship orders directly from the production floor with washdown ready touchscreens, scales and label printers.


Sales and Order Entry

Food Connex provides salespeople with real-time insight into sales history, inventory status, item cost, pricing and profitability through the on-screen order guide.

Bill of Material with Traceability

Food Connex provides fast and effective traceability for producers using Bill of Material and Recipe style production, fully integrated with washdown ready workstations, scales, scanners and printers.


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SWAMI Barcode Automation

The SWAMI (Scan Weigh And Measure Instantly) module for Food Connex enables users to automate receiving, labeling, picking and shipping product using barcode readers and integrated scales.


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Issue 586 - Where have all the people gone?

Sunday, at the Fancy Food Show for opening day, as I was going through the booths I mentioned to my companion, “The show seems quiet, but it is opening day.” In today’s newsletter we’ll discuss that phenomena and what it might mean for the food industry at large.

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