Alex and George Meats Success Story

Bill Stathopoulos from A&G

A&G is a Broadline food service distributor, supplying restaurants and institutions from Buffalo/Niagra Falls to Rochester, NY.  A&G employs a total of 35 people and has 8 delivery trucks.  Bill is the CEO and Director of A&G.

Inventory and Order Visibility

“The most important thing was putting the information about available product in front of salespeople, and information about required product in front of purchasers.  For years customers would ask if we carried this or that and before Food Connex we never had access to that information, we would end up turning away sales, or worse failing to deliver on a commitment.  With Food Connex we’ve successfully expanded our product selection by about 35% and dramatically improved our delivery rates.”

Unlocked Growth Potential

“Since implementing Food Connex in 2010 we’ve been able to grow our business at a steady rate of 10% each year.  The efficiencies gained have allowed us to handle that 95% increase in business with only a 20% increase in staffing.”

Insight Into Profitability and Pricing

“Before Food Connex we were pricing from memory, and customers would call us out if we priced higher than the week before.  This was bad for customer service, and bad for the company.  If we priced too high we lost the sale, if we priced too low we lost money.  You need to know where to be in the market, and Food Connex gives us the information we need to price properly.  We can see our costs and profit so we know we’re doing what’s right for our company, and we can see historical information on screen so we know we’re doing what’s right for our customers.”

Issue 646 - Checking those Resolutions.

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