Rodney Black

At American Homestead Rodney applies his twenty-five years of farm, ranch, and natural and organic meat experience to the production and in-house sales team.  

Rodney took a moment from his busy schedule to give some feedback about his experiences with Food Connex and the SWAMI (Scan, Weigh And Measure Instantly) service for barcoded shipping.

One of the Best Systems I’ve Seen

“I consider Food Connex to be one of the best systems available for the meat industry.  It gives me the information I need to schedule production without the complexity of some of the larger systems, while taking care of our distribution and shipping.”

Saving Forty-Five Minutes Per Pallet

“When we were just getting started, before the scanners arrived, we were processing manually.  We wrote each case weight down, checked those weights, sent them to the office where they would be tallied, produce the invoice, then check that again.  Between the warehouse, the office, and the checks it was taking us close to an hour for each pallet, now we can scan a pallet and produce the invoice in about five minutes.”

Flexible and Affordable Hardware

“I appreciate the ability get an inexpensive laptop, connect the scanner, and I have a functional solution for our warehouse ready to run.  We ship about 20 orders in a day, a mix of full truck and LTL, using just two scanning workstations in the warehouse.”


Issue 640 - Everything Cycles.

Transformation and disruption was a topic in an article in the Sunday Philadelphia Inquirer. I read about the demise of Sears & Roebuck titled The Big Stumble. They believed they had no competitors. The New York Times dubbed them "The Amazon of the gilded age." Those of us in the baby boom generation remember Sears.  As a young boy I remember thumbing through the catalog, dreaming of what I could buy if I had the money.

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