Bob Rector, Charles Bemak, & Stephen Knob

Since the family bakery first opened in 1904, legendary Philly sandwiches have gotten that way by starting on an Amoroso's roll.  We had the opportunity to talk with Director of Frozen Foods Bob Rector, System Administrator Charles Bemak, and Inside Sales Manager Stephen Knob about handling the more than one million rolls they sell weekly using the Food Connex.

Growing Pains Lead to More Professional Presentation to Customers

Bob is able to recall when he first started at Amoroso’s the frozen division was servicing about 30 accounts.  Food Connex was implemented when they encountered some growing pains at around 125 accounts.  Now Bob, Charles, Stephen and their teams are servicing around 250 accounts across the nation and around the world.  Bob said, “With the volume we are producing electronic order entry and tracking is a requirement.  Compared to our old system Food Connex is less work and gives a more professional presentation to our customers.”

Quick Invoicing and Access to Customer and Sales Data

Sales manager Stephen added that, “Food Connex makes invoicing very quick.  It also gives us a good research tool to look up our various accounts, addresses and contact information.  We do our batch reports every day to see sales and shipping information.”

Easily Answer Customer Requests

Charles provided some customer insight noting that, “More customers are wanting invoices and documents emailed to them.  The ease of doing that through Food Connex is wonderful.  I can quickly look up a customer, find their invoice, and send out a copy.  All the information I need is right there in the system.”

Adapt to Changing Business Requirements

Along with direct sales Amoroso’s works with a variety of brokers and resellers to distribute their product. Bob mentioned, “One of the reasons we initially selected Food Connex was the flexibility of the pricing structures. We had outgrown our old system.  Food Connex was able to handle the complexity of our contract sales structures.”

User Friendly with Responsive Support

All three agreed, “Food Connex is easy.  We only rarely call in for help.”  One elaborated, “When I do, I’ll send in an email to the helpdesk.  Within an hour I get a response and within the next day whatever was wrong will be resolved.”

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