Back in October we discussed how IBM executed the largest purchase in their history by buying Red Hat for $35 Billion. 

Well that push for the Cloud business is only the the tip of the Iceberg and I don't mean lettuce. The ongoing recall of romaine is bringing forward the threats to the food chain and it will not end soon

The recent recall on romaine has still not been fully monetized, but surely the costs are going to be hefty. Just a brief recap of what they are made of.

  • Cost to growers to have to destroy and not ship product in the fields
  • Cost to Grocery stores and eateries to clear their shelves and "eat" the inventory
  • Lost revenue of eating establishments of serving romaine menu items
  • Consumer confidence having a permanent effect on eating habits
  • Costs due to increase price for alternative products

The cost will be in the 100's of millions when finally tallied up. Not being able to recall a specific case is the problem and those that have been through recalls know that when you recall everything the bank is broken.

So here is the big bet. Large retailers and distributors have signed on to implement IBM's Blockchain recall technology.

Walmart, Kroger, Tyson Foods, Costco and Carrefour Markets

In reaction to this the Federal government has appointed the Walmart Food Safety person, Frank Yiannas to join the Government's FDA staff to hopefully implement a recall system that works. Walmart is fully behind the blockchain solution from IBM. Below is the recap of the latest announcement and it looks like IBM's bet might just pay off. Using the Cloud service for small firms can cost as little as $100 a month.

I will be looking to our parent to put this type of interface in our Food Connex Cloud system so we can help our small to medium food guys participate with out breaking the bank.

Here is the info we published several weeks ago Specialty Food News talks about IBM has been testing their Cloud based BlockChain in their IBM Food Trust product that will leverage the new data technology that was popularized by the Bitcoin craze for storing cyber money.  They have already signed up Carrefour and others to join the latest use of Cloud technology to hopefully use the Cloud to tackle this problem. Walmart has asked their green suppliers to join the IBM Food Trust by January 31st 2019.





Issue 646 - Checking those Resolutions.

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