One year ago we discussed How Intelligent Are You and the use of spreadsheets to run your business. The use of Excel is still a major part of everyday business for a lot of my customers and prospects. Most owners don’t realize how many answers they receive from their employees are sourced from Excel. Today we'll discuss how the new breed of BI (Business Intelligence) makes you more effective at running your business.

One of the fundamental problems with Excel is that it relies on human input and formatting. Some of the issues related to that are costly:

  • Takes employee time to gather and format data.
  • Data is old by the time you get it. Doesn’t reflect the real time situation.
  • Must be maintained by an employee.
  • Usually restricted to one person's input.

Before our acquisition by CAI (ProVisions and Seasoft) we offered BI through one of our partners. That product presented data summarized in Excel format. It was advanced for where our customers were for that time, but it did not provide the interactive querying capability found in the modern engines.

Newer engines like QlikView can deliver rich output right from your data as an example below.

Being part of a larger organization allows us to learn and use more sophisticated tools. This enriches our applications and mitigates the costly issues mentioned above. We are actively working on these additional technologies to help decision makers look at real data in a form they can readily understand to allow informed decision making.





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