"Our customers like the clean label
with the clearly readable weight."

Last week's discussion about Traceability vs Lot Control had me thinking about labels and the surprisingly high number of times I've heard my clients say their customers had positive feedback about their new labeling.

The Clean Label

For most food producers and distributors your wholesale packaging is going to be labeled, frequently with the products name, a date, possibly a weight, and then stamps and seals as appropriate for the type of product.  Many of the distributors using Food Connex report they are still dealing with hand-written weights, dates applied with a stamper, and establishment numbers applied with a different stamper coming from producers who haven't automated.

For companies looking to do any sort of traceability this causes every receipt and sale to be a game of 'find the information' as they hunt around the boxes to see where the information was written or stamped.

Moving to system produced labels puts all this information onto a clear and legible label, and frequently adds a barcode allowing distribution clients to automate their receiving and shipping functions.  Even if they choose not to automate they benefit from large clearly printed information rather than handwritten scrawls to be deciphered as they record weights and trace information.

A clean label is one of the first steps to automation that we recommend for food producers and manufacturers and is available in Food Connex.

A Clean Label

  • Provides Large and Legible Information
  • Applies Barcoding for Automation
  • Ensures Compliance with Requirements

To start applying clean labels in your company please call me at 215 794 7008 x18.
Paul H-C



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