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I was watching my favorite newswoman, Diane Sawyer, on ABC News last week and my head almost exploded when I saw her report on fish mis-labeling.


I was watching my favorite newswoman, Diane Sawyer, on ABC News last week and my head almost exploded when I saw her report on fish mis-labeling.

 Bait and Switch

I guess if you're selling proteins that are poultry, pork or beef and have a USDA inspector around it's harder to pass off a chicken breast as a pismo. Too bad...seems like some fish guys do what they want because there aren't enough FDA police out there checking.

To be serious, this is not pretty and puts a veil of doubt on all the legit fishmongers out there, many of which I'm proud to say are customers. So as the saying goes...

Caveat emptor. (Let the Buyer Beware)

Below are some real life tips so you can be sure you're protected from this latest fiasco.

 Paul H-C

Here are some highlights from the Boston Globe and ABC news:

As part of a special “Fishy Business” series, the Boston Globe spent five months buying fish from dozens of establishments throughout Massachusetts and sending the samples off to a lab in Canada. DNA tests found 48 percent of the fish had been mislabeled as a more expensive type of fish. - abc


The problem extends far beyond Boston and affects consumers nationwide. Earlier this year, ABC News correspondent Elisabeth Leamy reported that seafood may be mislabeled as often as 70 percent of the time.



Michael Hirshfield, a chief scientist at Oceana. "The law already makes it a crime to mislabel seafood and the FDA hasn't really taken it seriously enough."  The group says fish fakery is a health problem and an environmental one, as well. Farm-raised salmon can contain more fat and antibiotics. And some tropical fish carry ciguatera, which can cause devastating neurological effects similar to multiple sclerosis. Often, endangered species are sold as more common types.- abc

So, let's take a moment to break down a few things you need to think about

  • Understand Your Vendor's Policy on 'Mislabeled' Fish:  Does your vendor guarantee 100% accuracy in the fish species it delivers, or is it they stand behind the identification at all?  What happens if you receive a mislabeled fish?
  • Understand Who is Liable for Mislabeled Fish (and does your business insurance cover it?): If it's news-worthy then someone is going to start wondering if they can sue.  If you've passed along mislabeled fish through your business are you protected?  How about if you break cases, cut or repack?
  • Be Clear on Your Policy About Label Accuracy:  Do you guarantee the accuracy of your fish deliveries and labeling? What is your policy if something is delivered mislabeled?
  • Be Aware of Testing Options:  DNA testing is available through a number of sources even to the public.  Companies like Fish DNA ID offer testing services for less than $150 and have just received a lot of press. 

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